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All of us—whether we were born here or moved here—recognize that there is no place like Laguna Beach. Decades of visionary leadership and activism made this town what it is: a hub of inclusion, sustainability, and innovation. We must honor this legacy by both preserving and enhancing Laguna’s unique character. 


I envision a Laguna Beach where the arts thrive, businesses boom, and nature flourishes. Our community is tight-knit and vibrant. We meet the demands of the 21st century with modern technology and innovative spirit. Our artists, seniors, teachers, and young people can afford to live here. It’s easy to get around town with quick public transit and minimal traffic. Our historic properties and rich heritage are preserved. We have a sustainable, zero-carbon economy and are protected from wildfires, coastal erosion, and pollution. Our children are safe, healthy, and active members of the community that cares for them.


This future is possible, but only if we re-commit ourselves to Laguna’s original values. Then we will surely resolve our differences and work together to find solutions. I have the ideas, passion, and experience to do just that. Join me in making this vision a reality!


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